3 Phase Qigong

Every class in 3 Phase Qigong cycles through the 3 phases from the beginning to the end. There are also particularly formatted classes for each of the 3 phases which emphasize the important components of each phase as described below.


Phase 1


The 3 components of Phase 1 Qigong are:  


  • Uniting the body and mind

  • Relaxing

  • Releasing


The first step in a Phase 1 class (and of any Qigong class) is to unite the body and mind. The next step is to achieve a sense of deep relaxation and a releasing of physical tension, emotional stress and mental chatter.


The primary objective of a Phase 1 class is to "Open the Heart." This common phrase is something you can tangibly experience as you cultivate your energy sensitivity.


Phase 2


The 3 components of Phase 2 Qigong are:  


  • Centering

  • Acculumating

  • Fortifying


After the body is relaxed, stagnant energy has been release and the heart has been opened, we can center our energy into the core of our body and accumulate vitality through breathwork and concentration. In Phase 2 Qigong you practice "Integrative Breathing," a series of postures designed to strengthen the core and promote abdominal breathing; as well as fortify the spinal column and the central channel of energy running from the root chakra to the crown chakra.


The primary objective of Phase 2 is energizing the body and establishing roots, which you experience as you develop your proficiency in abdominal breathing and circulate energy through your internal channels.


Phase 3


The 3 components of Phase 3 Qigong are:


  • Circulating

  • Optimizing

  • Harmonizing


Phase 3 Qigong acheives harmony and integration of the first two phases. You circulate your vitality through the body from the core, practicing "Smart Moves" that optimize the flow of energy through the meridians in the arms and legs. In the physical, energetic and mental components of Phase 3 Qigong, we practice maintaining an anchor in our center while at the same time broadening our bodily and environmental awareness.